BUTTERFLY Dental Laboratory Ltd provides 12 months long guarantee for its products.
As every single dental job is custom made, it cannot be re-used as well as the materials it was made off cannot be processed again.
1. Impression
Taking impression by dentist is the first and the most important stage of every single dental job. The impression should be an accurate mapping of the denture bearing area because it stands for the exclusive data source for dental technician who manufactures the job. As a consequence only a right impression lets the Laboratory to make a proper model which is a perfect copy of the conditions in Patient’s mouth and – as a result – it fits with the same accuracy in the Patient’s mouth and on the model.
2. Lab-ticket
Another stage is completing the prescription (known under a common name of ‘lab-ticket’). You should be aware that filling the lab-ticket is required by law therefore the only person authorised to fill the form is the DENTIST.
The prescription must contain the following information:
• Dentist’s name and surname, and the Dental Practice address
• Patient’s name and surname
• Type of job amended with all necessary technical details (e.g. shade)
• Date the impression was taken
• Date the job is required for

3. Making order
By filling the ‘lab-ticket’ form and attaching a properly protected impression to our Lab the Dentist makes our Technicians authorised to manufacture the very particular job based on the impression attached thereby the Dentist does guarantee that the provided impression is accurate. By placing an order you start the lab procedures including the final one – providing a ready job to the Dental Surgery.

4. In case if something went wrong…
You can apply for a free of charge re-make or repair of the job that does not meet your requirements, eventually you can get your money back – everything you need to do is to provide us with listed below:
• copy of the ‘lab-ticket’ (the job prescription)
• the job you claim with the model and eventually with a new impression (to compare accuracy of the fitting)
• the problem description / defect technical reference

The situation when the job does not fit in the Patient’s mouth but it fits to the model may point to a poor quality of the impression provided which is not mapping the denture bearing area in a proper way. A bad impression may result in rejecting the claim by our Company.